The world’s largest outdoor light festival is on for the eleventh time, and, impossible as it seems, it’s even more spectacular than ever. The Vivid Festival of Light, Music & Ideas spreads its neon tendrils further across the city each year with epicentres now in Chatswood, Taronga Zoo, Royal Botanic Garden, Barangaroo, Carriageworks and all the familiar places in between.
This incredible city-wide installation includes large, brightly lit sculptures; dazzling LED light decorations; interactive visual display games; large, impressive laser projections on the sides of buildings, and of course famously, the Opera House sails; and mesmerising light/sound shows.
But Vivid is more than just pretty lights and chilly evening walks.
The music program is packed with concerts, shows, and pop-up dance clubs with styles ranging from modern classical, through experimental, contemporary folk, alternative pop/rock, jazz, hip hop, to ambient.
Vivid Ideas presents a program of intellectually stimulating talks across a range of subjects: technology and its affect on society; creativity in life and work; business concepts and new frontiers; health and happiness; and social issues. There are some great panel discussions with guests who are preeminent in their field.
Vivid is on from May 24 to June 15. For details go to:

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