You’ve probably participated in a spirited post-broadcast analysis or seen the meme-making clips of politicians and social commentators momentarily losing their sense of decorum. Why not be part of it? The popular ABC discussion panel show, Q&A is screened live each Monday night at 9.30pm from ABC’s Ultimo studio.
Each week a panel of around five guests made up of politicians, industry professionals, journalists, high profile figures and anyone else with a strong opinion, is assembled at a long desk with host,Tony Jones, at centre, moderating – or sometimes umpiring.
Members of the audience ask questions relating to current issues or the field of expertise of the guests. It’s a rare opportunity to directly address a decision maker and immediately engage in debate or discourse about things that matter. Or, depending on the panel and theme, just have lively banter and hear some fascinating facts and anecdotes.
To find out who is going to be on the next show and register for tickets, go to:
ABC – qanda

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