This year, Earth Hour (Day) is March 30 and the theme is #connect2earth. Citizens of the world are encouraged to switch off the power for an hour and reconnect with nature and each other. Australia has some of the most biodiverse flora and fauna on the planet making it particularly susceptible to climate change. Irreplaceable natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef, as well as rare species including tropical sealife, unique mammals, and even our emblematic koala, are already being threatened. Earth Hour is about engagement: events that help spread awareness and encourage change; activities and projects that inspire; and practical deeds that have immediate, tangible impact.
There are various events happening around Sydney, but you can also create your own event. Businesses, schools and communities can go to the Earth Hour website, download an information pack, and register to be part of this global movement. Organisations can also submit a logo showing support for the Earth and environment. Logos will be displayed on the Earth Hour Pledge Wall so you show your support and share you message.
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