In a world premiere exhibition, The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences (MAAS) will be presenting Egyptian Mummies: Exploring Ancient Lives at the Powerhouse Museum, featuring six mummies from the British Museum collection in London.
Ranging from 1800 to 3000 years old, the mummies represent six individuals of varied gender, age and social background. Thanks to non-invasive CT scanning, researchers and curators have been able to create a 3D image of the bodies beneath the wrappings. These images along with over 200 artefacts will be displayed in six separate galleries, providing a comprehensive impression of the personal life, culture, status and physical attributes of each mummy.
By studying the information supplied by the CT scans, paintings and inscriptions, jewellery and artefacts, researchers have been able to piece together a fascinating insight into Ancient Egyptian society.
This exhibition is unique, with unprecedented intimacy and detail about each mummy in an engaging and creative display. It is expected to be very popular, so pre-booking is advised.
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