Once again, the Australian National Maritime Museum is hosting the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year exhibition, and this year’s photos are as exquisite, breathtaking, and extraordinary as ever. Over 50,000 photographs were submitted by expert photographers from around the globe, with only 100 of the very best being selected for inclusion in the exhibition. They each depict incredible moments from the natural world captured by a well-timed shutter: a seabird about to swoop on an airborne flying fish; a dreamy-eyed leopard resting its head on its paw; a wasp with its landing gear down carrying a tiny pebble; mothers with babies, bizarre deep sea creatures, comical antics, and everything you love about the non-human inhabitants of this planet.
The exhibition is on loan from the Natural History Museum in London for a limited time. Don’t miss the opportunity to see these photos in print – a screen does not do them justice.
For more details visit: www.sea.museum/whats-on

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