The Sydney Fringe Festival is one of the largest and most diverse arts festivals hosted by this city with events hosted at venues all over the map. Broadway Shopping Centre is one of those venues. They’ll be hosting a unique exhibition of incredible wigs and headpieces created by wig master, Shaun McGrath.
McGrath is a world renowned hairdresser and wig maker. His magnificent headpieces famously appeared in Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert, as well as featuring in promotional and art photography. Many of them are made from recycled materials retained in their original form – scraps of fabric, plastic or metal; lipsticks; bottle caps and even sneakers. As salon director for Stevie English Hair, McGrath has access to lots of discarded tufts and they are among his favourite materials for wig-making.
Using human hair is fairly standard for wig production, but McGrath does it in a distinctly non-standard way.
For this collaboration with Broadway Centre, McGrath has supplied eight wigs. Four were made using objects salvaged from around the shopping complex.
The exhibition is free with wigs being displayed at various locations throughout the centre. For details and to read a great interview with McGrath himself, visit:
Sydney Fringe Festival

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