In 2017, City Of Sydney conducted 6000 surveys among local residents, domestic visitors and international travellers to try and build a visitor profile of its villages. They asked respondents to rate their level of satisfaction on various criteria, then compared the answers with demographics and ultimately put together scorecards for 11 specific areas within the City jurisdiction. The resulting scorecards give very general but quite useful insight that can help guide businesses in the areas with their planning, marketing, and merchandise. A card was completed for Harris Street, Pyrmont. It, along with scorecards for the other areas, can be downloaded from the City Of Sydney website.

Each scorecard will tell you:

the gender, age and household income of people in the area, as well as whether they’re a local or visitor
their satisfaction with visiting the area
why they visited
whom they visited with
what they visited for
how often they visit
how they spent their money
how they rate the food, shops, safety, ease of navigation, culture and entertainment in the area
how they discovered what to do in the area
what they think could make their visit better
how they got there and how they were planning to leave.

To download the scorecard, visit:

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