In 2009, Joel Baur was an overworked, dissatisfied chef, leading an unhealthy lifestyle with no time for exercise. Deciding he needed to change he embarked on a personal quest for health and fitness. That quest led to him hanging up his apron and becoming Director of Vision Personal Training Pyrmont.
The popular fitness franchise has a boutique model, offering clients a much more personalised service than some of the larger chains. They believe in a holistic approach to fitness, incorporating physical fitness, lifestyle and nutrition.
Clients receive a customised dietary plan with access to online information and recipes. Vision also runs seminars and a free food guide tour through a supermarket which includes advice on different products and hints on how to read a label.
With Joel’s culinary background it’s not surprising to know he is particularly passionate about nutrition.
“There’s so much information out there sometimes you don’t know where to start.”
He believes for many people, diet and nutrition is their downfall, that’s why he is keen on food education.
As well as cooking and fitness, it seems Joel has some business acumen too. In the years since he acquired Vision PT Pyrmont, he has steered it towards ever increasing success, winning awards that include: Trainer of the Weight Loss Challenge in 2010, the Owners “Comeback of the Year” award in 2013 and the company Gold Star award for excellence three years running (2014, 2015 and 2016).
Joel initially bought the franchise in partnership with a client when Joel was a Vision employee. He is now sole owner and eager to encourage and support other trainers who are considering buying their own franchise.
“I know it’s very daunting to decide whether you want to be an owner or not, but if I see that a trainer within my team wants to take the plunge, I will be very happy to help him,” says Joel.
And by all accounts, he’d be a pretty good mentor.

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