Have you ever not known what’s the best drop for a special occasion and just gone with what’s affordable? Well, ‘The Wine Gallery’ is custom-made to educate you in this department while gratifying your taste buds and saving you time.

‘The Wine Gallery’ is a new online wine selection advisor and delivery business based in Ultimo. It caters to anybody who’d like to learn how to really enjoy wine and discover the deeper, hidden relationships between food and wine.

Tom’s Dream:

‘The Wine Gallery’ is the brainchild of Tom Walenkamp who co-founded the online business with the award-winning sommelier, Banjo Harris Plane. After investment banking for six years Tom travelled to the home of fine wine, cheese and cuisine, France: for a career changing dose of inspiration and novelty. Being no slouch he also completed his MBA while there.

During his stay Tom admired the French peoples skill for matching wine with food. He felt the rich relationship with the palette the French enjoyed could be an experience Australians would enjoy too.  So on return to Australia he sounded out his dream of creating an online business based on the subtleties of wine with anybody who would listen. Enter Banjo Harris Plane.

Enter Banjo:

Banjo is the son of vineyard owning South Australian restaurateurs so grew up around fine food in Australia’s most famous wine district. While not for everybody this made Banjo’s decision to become a sommelier seem like a logical next step.

He has now worked for restaurants such as ‘Attica’, ‘Bentley’ and ‘Quay’, regularly writes on wine for the SMH and has been voted Gourmet Traveller’s ‘Best Sommelier of the Year’ for 2012.  In 2014 he beat a competitive field to take out ‘Best Australian Sommelier of the Year’ and is now one of only three Australians with a Masters Degree in his craft.

So The Wine Gallery relies on the palette of one of the best wine tasters in the business to help you match distinctive quality wines with a range of food types. But apart from Banjo’s expertise there is obviously a lot going on with ‘The Wine Gallery’ other than synchronising flavours. All you have to do is visit the website to work this out. ‘The Wine Gallery’ website is an example of strategy integration with design and function!

Online wine:

In today’s competitive online market there is no room for cutting corners when it comes to your business brand and what’s on offer through your website.  The online trend is for engaging, fresh and compelling content with a tendency for add-on offers, insights and information. ‘The Wine Gallery’ has embedded this trend of originality into the very structure and advisory nature of the way they do business.

Without the website and the market reach offered by the internet Tom’s dream of helping people enjoy wine more mindfully would’ve been impossible. Websites are the cheapest 24hour shop front going. They are the open and generous face of business as they give without asking for anything in return.

As for the site, it is simple in design with a central band of text on a white background alternating with earthy lifestyle pictures, straightforward cues and an elegant cork-top logo. At first glance it looks like Tom knows what he is doing. This is really important, after all; the site is his brand, point of purchase and customer-relation resource all rolled into one.

If you have a business idea, take some time to: get the strategy right and embed it into your website.

The Wine Gallery’s Way:

It isn’t in the design where the originality of ‘The Wine Gallery’ really takes off though. It is in the fun and ease of the matching process. Through the process you are informed every step of the way so when you come out at the end you’re more knowledgeable and better placed to enjoy wine just from a bit of reading and a choice based on the best advice.

On the site you get to select wines based on 14 different Foods types, 6 Tastes, the 4 Seasons and 8 Moods. Each selection guides you to a description of 2 to 8 different labels to choose from.

‘The Wine Gallery’ concentrates on consistency and quality, so stocks at any one time a limited number of labels; say about 30. Each bottle is also no more than $23 and if you go for the subscription package the monthly delivery service is fixed to the 15th of each month. Like most retail businesses it also offers a 10% discount for bulk buys and small select buys can be added to your regular package.

As for how you get the wine, ‘The Wine Gallery’ has an established relationship with a reputable delivery service just to make sure all your precious goods get there on time, safe and sound.

Can be your Way:

So, when it comes to getting an education and picking up where you left off when you last thought – ‘I’d love to know more about wine’ – ‘The Wine Gallery’ is an easy course to take. Teach yourself over a delicious meal and learn it all in the luxury of your own home from one of Australia’s top sommeliers. Remember, it’s hard to go wrong when learning from the best and your enjoyment is guaranteed.

If you check out Tom’s website and want to know more about the way he’s embedded fun and service into it’s function and design try a strategy session with Netstripes.

Dinesh-de-SilvaAbout the Author

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Dinesh is driven by his passion to change the course of small business in Australia by helping nearly 100% to get digitally engaged. This he believes will help businesses to grow, fuel economic growth and help resolve unemployment in our country

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