The madness is finally over, the dust has settled, the Liberal Government has been returned to power and the Labor Party has a new leader. Not many people predicted that. In our own electorate of Sydney, things were a little less dramatic with Tanya Plibersek keeping the seat she has held since 1998 for the Labor Party. The Liberal candidate, Jacqui Munro received around 26% of the votes – barely over half Plibersek’s 50%. Green’s candidate, Matthew Thompson received a modest 17%.
As former Deputy Leader of the Labor Party, Plibersek had been touted as a possible contender for the top position after Bill Shorten stepped down, but she declined to run for either leader or deputy leader roles. Plibersek feels she could not give full focus to both her private life and an executive parliamentary position and has opted for a manageable balance.
Election guru, Antony Green has completed a comprehensive profile of the Sydney electorate including a breakdown of recent results and some interesting history.
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