Sydney Fish Market (SFM) became the second seafood organisation in Australia to become carbon neutral after they joined the Qantas Future Planet Program.
The program allows businesses to offset their share of carbon emissions from a Qantas flight by making a contribution towards one of Qantas’ sustainability projects. SFM has chosen to invest in a carbon offset project that involves regeneration of native rain forests along waterways that flow into the ocean around the Great Barrier Reef. The aim is to improve the environment around the Reef by preventing pollutants from entering the ocean.
SFM also plans to invest in the North Kimberley Fire Abatement project in which indigenous land owners use traditional controlled burning methods to prevent wildfires in the highly volatile region, thus reducing the massive emissions that come from large bush fires.
Of particular interest to SFM are blue carbon initiatives that specifically focus on improving coastal and marine ecosystems. As yet, there are no blue carbon projects in Australia but SFM and Qantas plan to set up an advisory group to change that.
“By partnering with Qantas, who are world leaders in carbon offsetting, we have a real opportunity to achieve ground breaking outcomes and inspire other Australian seafood companies to do their bit towards the industry vision to become a carbon neutral industry by 2030,” says Bryan Skepper, General Manager SFM.

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