MyInterview is an online video recruitment platform that is revolutionising the way we look at hiring staff. Founded by school friends and UTS:Hatchery graduates Guy Abelsohn and Benjy Gillman in 2014, myInterview connects employers to candidates in a unique and efficient way, while helping to bring candidates’ applications to life.

MyInterview seeks to portray a truer version of job applicants while streamlining the recruitment process, saving time for all parties involved and solving the issue of employers not being able to make interviews.

“The resume is a one-dimensional approach, it doesn’t portray who you are, it doesn’t explain to anyone who you are,” Abelsohn says.

“You can script a cover letter, but once you get to that interview stage, how you think and how your personality comes across is completely different.

The platform allows employers to host a job advert (that can then be shared), and customise it with a number of questions. Candidates – who can sign up to myInterview and create their own profiles complete with a self-introduction video – then apply for the role.

During the application process, candidates record a video response to each question, which they are only given 30 seconds to prepare for. Employers can then view these responses at their convenience, as well as managing applications on the myInterview dashboard.

“[Employers] basically just log in to our site and create the job questions,” Abelsohn says. “It’s really easy, and you can set up to ten questions.”

Abelsohn hit the ground running, having only graduated from a double degree in business and science at UTS at the end of 2015.

“I never wanted to get a normal corporate 9-5 job,” he says, instead relishing the challenges of running a business and making it succeed. “I want to be on the ground building the business up and trying to solve a problem.”

For more information or to sign up, visit the myInterview website

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