Spot Parking is an app developed by a start-up right here in Pyrmont. Chief Executive Officer, Elizabeth Zealand inaugurated Spot in 2015, spurred by the desire to find a solution to parking problems and the safety, stress, environmental and economic issues that they cause. The app has already mapped parking restrictions in Parramatta, Bendigo, and Hollywood, California and has now added Pyrmont to its menu.  Information provided by the maps includes:
–    paid and free parking areas
–    parking rates
–    time restrictions
–    disabled parking availability
–    No Stopping zones and other conditional signage (e.g. special school zones)
As well as gathering parking data, Spot collects information about street safety, traffic conditions, and other elements that can assist with future town planning as well as inform strategic business decisions.
The app is still in its early stages and the growth potential is exciting. By working with key stake holders in a city, Spot will be able to incorporate things such as sensors to provide real-time parking availability. The statistics they collect will help them optimise sustainable, long term, adaptable solutions to driving and parking issues now and in the future.
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