The team from Smart Locale met last month to discuss progress on a number of initiatives they currently have in play.
Smart Locale is a collective made up of representatives from various sectors of society with the common goal of creating an efficient, sustainable, positive living environment in Pyrmont and Ultimo.
The current projects are exciting and inspirational. Here’s a brief run down.

Virtual Solar Power Station
Participants: Flow Systems; Total Environment Centre (TEC)
The concept here is to place solar panels on available roof tops with a large, surface area, and collect the solar energy generated. That energy would then be sold back into the grid to be resold by an electricity retailer. It could be an effective solution to the clean energy problem. Currently, the project is seeking partners and commercial building owners with available roof top space.

Participants: Total Environment Centre, Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS Engineering, UTS School of Life  Sciences, Skygrid, Meshed
The Technology for Urban Living Project (TULiP) explores the application of the Internet of Things to gather and analyse data from the environment that can then be used for planning and decision making. The type of data collected includes air quality, urban heat and noise. People who suffer allergies, skin conditions or other sensitivities; urban planners; event organisers and workers and dwellers in general can benefit greatly from the intelligence gained through this data. Currently, the project is looking at developing apps that can be used by individuals to interpret the data.

UTS – Energy Initiatives
Participants: UTS, ISF, Sydney TAFE, Flow Systems
This project engages building managers within the campus to help monitor energy flow and usage within their buildings. It includes initiatives such as implementing thermal metering to monitor air conditioning power usage in selected buildings; fitting out a building so that it complies with Greenstar certification; working with Buildings Alive to observe behavioural change and Envizi which provides fault detection hardware and software technology. Currently they are looking at using recycled water and solar energy on a number of buildings.

Organic Waste Projects
Participants: Institute for Sustainable Futures
The main goal of this project is to seek out ways to prevent unnecessary food waste and find a viable treatment for organic waste matter. Dehydrators have been installed in two UTS buildings to dry out waste. They are also looking at ways to process waste to reduce contaminants and pathogens. In conjunction with the EPA and Sydney Water, the project is looking at the volumes of food waste across the precinct and at options for disposal.
Part of the project includes Stall Savers which is a City of Sydney pilot program to reduce food waste at festivals and markets, with Pyrmont Growers Market being one of the testing grounds. Currently preparing a report.


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