The team at SPR Accounting are no strangers to Pyrmont Ultimo, having served the community for over three years. Simon Reed, founder and director of SPR, offers more insight into the precinct’s leading accounting firm for small businesses.

Simon originally worked on the team of a major financial planning company, but founded SPR in a move away from big business, allowing him to focus on helping small businesses.

“We moved to SPR because we were starting to concentrate on small businesses and we realised small businesses needed more than just an accountant, but someone to look after their financial control as well,” he says. “Small businesses are fun and enjoyable to work with also.”

SPR is not your average accounting firm, taking their services above and beyond just standard accounting. “We don’t just want to do the tax returns and the financial statements, but we actually want to be CFOs for our clients,” says Simon.

“Instead of just filing financial reports at the end of the year, we see our business clients once a quarter and work directly with them.”

Being a small business itself, SPR understands the challenges and costs involved in running one. The major challenge for the team at SPR, Reed says, is in “staying on top of any changes to tax laws.

“Tax laws affect how people should be looking after their finances, and therefore it’s important for accountants to be up-to-date with all changes that could affect small businesses.”

Moving into 2016, Simon and the team have high hopes and big plans to deliver even greater services to their clients. One such plan is to further explore new accounting software and cloud solutions.

“Cloud solutions allow us to look into our clients accounts in real-time and view accounts at the same time as the client… which allows us to provide more accurate information and advice to our clients,” he says.

If you’re in need of accounting services for your small business, get in contact with Simon Reed and the team at SPR to have your finances managed by professionals who understand what it means to be a small business owner.

For more information visit SPR Accounting’s website.

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