It’s Spring, it’s sunny and new season fruits abound. You may have seen make-shift stalls on the side of the road with boxes of mangoes, paw paw, strawberries for sale. They’re probably fresh from a farm and ripe to go.
Knowing what’s in season and buying as close to the source as possible is the best way to ensure you get real, organic, un-tampered with produce. You can buy any fruit and vegetables all year around at large supermarkets, but they’ve likely been frozen and treated so that they can be transported and stored. That’s not fresh and you can taste it!
At a growers market, the fresh produce is exactly that – fresh: pulled off the tree, dug out of the ground, plucked from the vine and tossed into a basket, into the back of a ute, driven in the dark of dawn from country to town and placed on the counter of a stall with a hand written sign saying simply what it is and giving an honest and fair price.
Come and see what’s in season.
September 23rd, 7:30am – 12pm, Pyrmont Bay Park

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