Matthew Penfold and Genevieve Rechner are real locals, with a home and three businesses in the area. Their work and lifestyle means they spend most of their time within a relatively small geographical radius – but they’re certainly not complaining.
“We love it. Everything is here,” explains Genevieve.
“This is one of the most dynamic and diverse areas of Sydney,” adds Matt. “It’s one of the few areas of the city that is really changing and growing.”
He’s excited by the development opportunities and what they will bring to the area. Recently he purchased a Kwik Kopy franchise in Darling Harbour. Although it’s the first store he’s owned, he has been involved with Kwik Kopy in various capacities for the last 30 years, including as CEO of Kwik Kopy Australia.
Matt and Genevieve also own 121 Creative in Darling Harbour. A subsidiary of  Kwik Kopy, 121 Creative is a full service design studio that extends and complements the offering of Kwik Kopy.
Their third business is Talent Garden in Pyrmont. Matt introduced a successful American recruitment agency to the Australian marketplace, then in 2011, re-packaged it as a creative talent pool and formed the franchise, Talent Garden. The business offers a range of human resource services including staffing, training, planning and business improvement tools.
Both Matt and Genevieve see incredible advantage in bringing local businesses together to network, exchange ideas and share knowledge, skills and resources.

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