The City Of Sydney is encouraging businesses within its jurisdiction to take the pledge to reduce single-use plastic. It is part of their big picture goal to eliminate land-fill waste and create a healthier, more sustainable city.
Through the joint efforts of Better Buildings Partnership, Sustainable Destination Partnership, and City Switch, over 30 organisations have already signed the pledge, committing themselves to avoiding single-use plastics and finding environmentally friendly alternatives. The voluntary pledge is a symbol of good will and can be completed in minutes online. Businesses are invited to select at least four items from a list of actions that represent practical methods of reducing waste. The actions are easily implemented and include eliminating or reducing the use of: plastic water bottles; plastic straws; plastic utensils/plates/cups/take-away containers; single-use plastic bags; single use coffee pods; and many other single use items. It also suggests providing water for refillable bottles; using low/zero plastic cleaning products; offering incentives for reusable coffee cups; and many more ideas.
The City Of Sydney has provided guidelines to help businesses find alternatives to single use plastics. You can download a copy of the guide here:

Take the pledge here and help contribute to a better, cleaner Sydney of the future.
reduce plastic pledge

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