The Pyrmont History group have unveiled their brand new website and it looks terrific. The beautifully presented site consolidates the amazing collection of images and incredible stories that have been amassed by members of the Pyrmont History Group over time. It’s a wonderful resource for students, historians, and anyone interested in discovering the heritage of one of Sydney’s oldest and most eventful precincts.
Make a cup of tea before you sit down and visit the site because you’ll wonder down a rabbit’s hole. It has everything – murder, plague, worker’s strikes, political backstabbing, sports events and much, much more. Read about the poor boy who was grabbed by a shark while bathing at Pyrmont Point; see dramatic pictures of the fire that engulfed the Goldsbrough Mort building in 1935; find out what was behind the Bread War of 1931.
This is a treasure trove of fascinating personalities, intriguing tales, and stunning images.

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