Movement Republic opened its doors in Pyrmont last month and is intent on changing how clients think and and feel about fitness. Located in Murray Street, the fitness centre is run by Ann Charleston and a team of locals and uses unique equipment designed by Ann and built in Russia. Unlike other gyms, there are no scales, TV’s, calorie counting, restricted diets or endless repetitions.
“It’s about how you feel, not how you look,” Ann said. “Life is complex – there should be no isolated movements and no isolated people. At Movement Republic, everything is complex – in a good way! It’s designed for how you move through life.”
Movement Republic is a boutique, independent studio with capped membership and offers:
• Body & Mind Consultation including Fit3D body scan and postural analysis
• Task & challenge-based Movement Workshops
• Movement Mentors who provide innovative and tailored workshops, individualised assessment and implementation.
Ann says the studio is welcoming to all and provides a non-threatening, supportive, friendly and fun environment that promotes practical goals and a sense of community.
For more information visit: Movement Republic

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