PUCC’s first networking event for 2019 was held at Australian National Maritime Museum on a clear, balmy night, in the breezy indoor/outdoor Yots Waterside venue. Guests were treated to delicious antipasto, sliders, fresh spring rolls, and other hors d’ouevres and a very fine selection of wines.
Local member, Alex Greenwich spoke briefly about his hopes and ambitions for Sydney in the coming years and Andrea Beattie gave a presentation providing an overview of the City Of Sydney’s 2050 initiative. Sydney 2050 is in its planning stage and local residents, businesses and interested parties are invited to contribute suggestions and be a part of the project. Click the link: Planning for 2050
Gail de Raadt and the team at ANMM were gracious hosts, there were smiles all round, and we’re calling it a successful night. We’ve got the photos to prove it.


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