Sydney is in a development frenzy, and as the concrete jungles grow, organic green space is shrinking. According to Total Environment Centre (TEC), there are over 70 park and bushland locations in Sydney that are under threat of annihilation due to the building fervour, and the NSW Government is mostly just leaning on a shovel.
Dozens of studies have proven that access to natural surroundings such as parks and bushland, as well as being able to see trees and wildlife, not only improves mental and emotional health, but is vital to sustaining it.
The wanton destruction of natural vegetation is leading to poorer air quality and the creation of “heat islands” and wind tunnels, as well as displacing wildlife.
The SOS Green Spaces Campaign, initiated by TEC, is an action plan that includes information, resources, and an open letter to the NSW Premier calling for immediate action to “protect and enhance Sydney’s green spaces.”
With the rate of rezoning and construction ever increasing, it’s imperative for citizens to act quickly and forcefully.
You can begin by signing the Open Letter on the TEC website and downloading information and resources.
TEC – SOS Green Spaces

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