Jamie Parker MP has been appointed to the NSW Parliamentary Committee on the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). He is the first member of The Greens to serve in this role. Parker has long campaigned against corruption in politics, being vocally outspoken, organising petitions and asking questions in Parliament. Through this appointment, he’ll have greater effectiveness in redressing corrupt behaviour.
“My top priority for the year is to clean up politics and make sure corrupt politicians and public servants are exposed and go to jail, where they belong,” Parker states in his newsletter.

Parker also recently appeared on ABC News commenting on a revelation made by The Greens regarding the extent of flammable cladding on buildings in Sydney. Through a Freedom Of Information request, The Greens obtained documents listing up to 340 properties within the City Of Sydney that were considered at risk due to flammable cladding. Among the buildings on the list were deluxe hotels, residential apartment blocks, and popular entertainment venues. It is yet another blemish against the already severely tarnished image of the building industry.

To read more about Jamie Parker visit: https://www.jamieparker.org

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