Yet another variation on the theme of entrepreneurship. Intrapreneurship combines the qualities of “dedicated team-player” and “enterprising individual”  allowing motivated employees to act with independence, ingenuity and daring in a way that satisfies their own creative spirit and benefits the company.
Large companies have been feeling a drain in their talent pool as more and more individuals are lured away by the promise of freedom and riches in the entrepreneurial sphere. It’s often a lose/lose situation: companies lose promising staff in whom they have invested valuable time and resources; individuals lose stability and support in favour of a venture for which they might not have been completely suited.
Intrapreneurship is a happy middle ground. Employees who show initiative and ability can be given internal projects to work on with a degree of independence, but with assistance and resources provided by the company. Companies can assign problems or drive innovation using the talent in their stable.
University of Technology, Sydney is hosting a special panel discussion on intrapreneurship moderated by Senior Lecturer, Natalia Nikolova and including the following speakers:
Ann Hoban
Director City Life, City of Sydney
Anil Sabharwal
Vice President of Product Management, Google
Andrew Johnstone-Burt
Managing Partner, Digital Strategy & iX, Global Business Services Asia Pacific
It will be held on 13th March from 6:15pm – 8:00pm at Level 8, Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, UTS, 14-28 Ultimo Rd, Ultimo.
The event is free but early registration is recommended.
For further information to register go to: Intrapreneurship – Future Organisations

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