Healthfix is a business that strives to live up to its name, that is, fixing your health. They do this by providing a variety of integrated services in a holistic approach to fitness and well-being.
At Healthfix, you have access to personal training, physiotherapy, dietary and nutrition advice, massage therapy, as well as some leading edge methods and equipment to help you safely and effectively regain or improve your level of fitness.
For so many people these days, health goals are dictated by a wristband counting steps, a set of digital scales spitting out weight statistics or record (and back) breaking feats of endurance. The staff at Healthfix prefer to measure success in terms of positive attitude to life, improved self esteem, better mobility and increased energy and stamina.
Their clients include the young and boisterous to the old and boisterous, sports players, office dwellers, people recovering from injury, people overcoming life challenges, pregnant women – in short, anyone who needs a health fix.

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