The NSW Government has created a state wide event knows as Graffiti Removal Day, in an effort to combat graffiti vandalism. This year’s event will take place on Sunday October 30.

It is estimated that graffiti vandalism costs the state $100 million every year. By getting local communities involved in helping to remove and prevent graffiti, the NSW Government hopes to reduce this cost and also foster a sense of pride and responsibility amongst residents and local businesses.

Anyone over the age of twelve with enough mobility and energy to scrape off graffiti can register as a volunteer. If you are unable to participate physically, you can still go to the website and nominate a location that has been vandalised and needs cleaning.

Also on the website, you can download the VandalTrak app which allows you to report an incident or vandalised location immediately and easily via your phone. The information is made available to relevant authorities who can then act on it promptly.

To get involved go to:

Graffiti Removal Day

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