Always a very popular part of Pyrmont Festival are the degustation meals. A selection of Pyrmont’s finest restaurants reserve an entire evening and room to provide a limited number of guests with a deluxe tasting menu, highlighting their signature styles and the creative flair of the chefs. Each restaurant is teamed up with an Orange region winery who will expertly choose the perfect wine to accompany each dish.
A degustation is a very special dining experience. Prior to each dish being presented, the chef comes into the dining area to explain what they have prepared, reveal the inspiration behind it, and describe the ingredients and the particular flavours, textures and sensations diners should pay attention to. The sommelier will then talk about the wine they have selected: its origin, why it was chosen and how it will complement the dish. This preamble helps draw attention to the the subtleties in the food and wine, enhancing the characteristics and exercising the taste buds and palate to heighten overall dining pleasure.
Everyone in the restaurant is having the same experience and it doesn’t take long for complete strangers to start sharing notes, jokes and even contact details.
Each participating restaurant will host one dinner only. Seats are limited, bookings are essential. Don’t miss out. Click the link to see the full program and booking details: Pyrmont Festival – Degustation Meals

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