You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about Bitcoin and blockchain technology and, if you’re like most people, you’re bewildered by the whole thing. Before you relegate them to the “too hard basket” be aware that cryptocurrencies and blockchain are about to revolutionise the digital and real world economies and you won’t be able to avoid them for long.
University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) has created a free online course introducing the basic concept, application, potential dangers and benefits of blockchain. The course is self-paced (estimated 3 hours to complete), broken into easily digestible modules, and given via a combination of articles, infographics, videos and interviews. No technical knowledge is required and you can jump to any module any time.
UTS Open has a selection of free online courses that cover topics across business, sustainability, ethics and rational thinking. They are developed by expert academics with input from industry leaders, and are designed to be relevant, simple and comprehensive enough to provide a good foundation for understanding new ideas, applying skills and expanding conceptual thinking.
Every small business owner and entrepreneur should take advantage of this invaluable resource.
For more information and to access a course:

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