Greens member for Balmain, Jamie Parker MP is currently collecting signatures for a petition requesting the NSW Government start trialling more electric buses in Sydney. To wit:

Dear Transport Minister, the Hon. Andrew Constance,
Please commit to the introduction of an electric bus fleet to protect public health, reduce air pollution and provide Sydney with the low emission, cheap and clean transport network it needs.

The petition has so far attracted over 1000 signatures, with the intended target being 2000. On his website, Mr Parker lists the benefits of using an electric battery operated bus system:
Electric buses have the capacity to:
•    Operate on zero carbon emissions
•    Improve public amenity through reduction of traffic noise and vibration
•    Protect public health by reducing air pollution on congested roads
•    Run cheaper than conventional buses over their lifetime

Many cities around the world are already trialling electric buses and some major cities, for instance Shenzhen in China, have completely replaced their network with battery-electric buses.
Traditional trolley/tram networks use electricity supplied by overhead wires, but the future goal is to have reliable, efficient, rechargeable batteries powering public transport vehicles.
It’s technology that is still evolving, but just like steam, coal, and petrol operated engines, innovations over time lead to ever increasing efficiency.
To sign Jamie Parker’s petition, go to:

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