The Hatch is a podcast series created by students at University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) as part of the Hatchery Entrepreneurship Program. Each episode explores an element of business ownership from an interesting perspective. Past shows have dealt with such issues as mental illness, ethics, age, business relationships.
The current episode, “Sex”,  is the first in a four part series with an intriguing concept.  “Innovating Vices” will explore business challenges and opportunities in the unconventional enterprises of sex, drugs, alcohol and gambling.
In the first episode, students examine the adult industry and the very esoteric barriers presented by that marketplace. Applying for financial loans or government grants, dealing with social media policies, overcoming stereotypes and conventional thinking, even being unable to speak openly about products and services, are issues unique to this industry.
The podcast episodes feature interviews with a range of interesting and relevant guests. They are well researched and well produced and definitely worth a listen.
The Hatch  is available on iTunes or you can access it via the UTS website HERE

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