When Saturday Night Fever (the movie) came out in the late seventies, it brought disco music to the masses and ensured there was a mirror-ball spinning over every self-respecting dance floor. In 1998, Saturday Night Fever was adapted for the stage in the UK as a musical and immediately became a massive hit. It’s taken a long time, but now it has finally come to the shores of Australia – Pyrmont Bay to be precise.
Sydney Lyric will play host to the premiere season of Saturday Night Fever from March 29th.
The story of Tony Manero, a Brooklyn teenager with immigrant grandparents, who works in a paint store by day and hits the club scene with his buddies by night, is realised on stage with fierce dancing and powerful singing, using songs from the original soundtrack and some extra Bee Gees tunes. The cast is a roll call of some of Australia’s best talent including our own Queen of Disco, Marcia Hines as The Diva. Paulini, Natalie Conway, Bobby Fox, and Nana Matapule are the Star Vocalists, and Tim “Timomatic” Omaji plays Monty, the nightclub DJ.
In the lead role of Tony is Euan Doidge, whose resume includes major parts in: Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert, Kinky Boots, and Les Miserables.
“It’s a musical that is so joyous to be part of…every number’s like a mind blowing piece and the dancing is just going to knock people’s socks off,” says Doidge.
Melanie Hawkins, with equally impressive credits to her name, plays Stephanie Mangano. The ensemble is made up of elite industry dancers and performers as is the creative team and it promises to be an incredible production. So put on your boogie shoes because you should be dancing down to the box office – it would be a tragedy to miss out!
From March 29, Sydney Lyric visit:www.sydneylyric.com.au/saturday-night-fever

Euan Doidge and Melanie Hawkins (c) Daniel Boud
Euan Doidge and Melanie Hawkins (c) Daniel Boud

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