The recent forced evacuations of Opal Tower in Homebush and Mascot Towers in Mascot has caused grave concerns among new apartment owners throughout Sydney and cast a dubious eye over the building industry as a whole. Greens Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich has repeatedly addressed Parliament calling for investigation into negligent and unsafe practices and requesting a better system of ensuring due diligence. In the last two decades across NSW, the incidence of serious building defects in new apartment blocks has increased significantly. With the laws around culpability and compensation being, at best, murky, and unscrupulous construction companies being temporarily assembled then disappearing with the dust at the end of a project, many home-owners are left, not only footing the costs but enduring compromised living conditions.
Mr Greenwich wrote and opinion piece for the Sydney Morning Herald last December and tabled a set of questions in Parliament earlier this year. In each case, he stressed the urgent need for examination and reform to protect owners of new apartments. He did this before the trouble at Mascot Towers was discovered. Now his resolve is even more vehement.
Read the opinion piece HERE
See the minister’s response to his questions here HERE

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