Immerse yourself in an Arctic landscape; come eye to eye with a Great White shark; experience the thrill and suspense aboard one of the world’s largest aircraft carriers – all in one day at Australian National Maritime Museum’s (ANMM) 3D cinema.
Wonders Of The Arctic takes you to the desolate, frigid, alien world of the Arctic, showing rarely captured images of whales breaking the glassy teal surface of the icy waters, polar bears wrestling and deep diving seals, and learn harsh truths about global warming as scientists and Inuit people explore the changing environment.  Great White Shark takes you to various locations around the world to present another side of the often mis-told story of this magnificent creature.  Aircraft Carrier details life on board the supercarrier SS Ronald Reagan while it plays a key role in RIMPAC – the world’s largest international maritime military exercise.  The three short films (approx. 25 min each) will play each day in the air-conditioned, state-of-the-art 3D theatre. The gorgeously filmed, amazingly detailed documentaries allow you to go on a realistic sensory adventure without getting wet or cold.
While you’re at the museum, have a look at the stainless steel mesh wetsuit worn by esteemed shark expert and marine photographer, Valerie Taylor.
A Big Ticket entry will allow you to enjoy everything the museum has to offer: 3D cinema; access to vessels including a submarine, destroyer, tall ship and an Edwardian steam yacht; exhibitions –  featuring some wonderful historical and current photographic collections; and kids activities.
For more details visit: ANMM – 3D Cinema

Great White Shark 3D


Aircraft Carrier – Guardians Of The Sea 3D


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