City of Sydney is calling for feedback and suggestions on its Cycling Strategy and Action Plan. It is seeking to improve the infrastructure for bike users within its jurisdiction and cooperate with other councils in building an extended network.
With residential living becoming denser and edging closer to the city, commuters are opting for alternatives to cars and public transport for travelling short distances. Walking, cycling and other people-powered means are becoming the preferred options.
Cycling is cheap, clean, efficient and versatile – something many food delivery services have recognised and are using to their advantage. The affordability and ease of use makes cycling a viable mode of transport for school children, university students, and people on low incomes. Many people are choosing to cycle because of the mental and physical health benefits and negligible environmental impact.
Sydney is becoming a more bike friendly city, and there is strong support for better dedicated services and infrastructure.
You can read the cycling strategy and action plan and provide your feedback here: Sydney Your Say

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