The Sydney Fish Market’s (SFM) twenty year tradition of staying open for a marathon pre-Christmas period will carry on this year. From 5am on December 23rd to 5pm on December 24th, shoppers will be able to purchase fresh, good quality seafood for Christmas lunch, Aussie style.

If previous years are anything to go by, the market can expect over 100,000 locals and tourists to visit SFM during the 36 hour marathon.

By the time it’s all over it’s anticipated that around 700 tonnes of seafood will have been traded, including 200 tonnes of prawns and 900,000 oysters. (No estimates are available for tartar sauce, lemons or barbecue coals.)

Sydney Fish Market General Manager, Bryan Skepper, says, “The 36-Hour Seafood Marathon is a long-standing tradition for us. Visitors can expect a colourful and exciting atmosphere throughout the 36 hours – it is a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy the buzz of the marathon, stock up on Christmas supplies and enjoy some delicious seafood on the boardwalk”.

While they’re there, shoppers will be able to complete their Christmas feast needs by visiting the butcher, bakery, bottle shop, deli and greengrocer.

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