The City of Sydney has been open and active in its support for marriage equality throughout the recent Act amendment campaign. Now it is making good on its promise to provide fee-free hire of venues for same-sex wedding functions within its jurisdiction.
For 100 days, from 9 January to 18 April 2018, selected halls, facilities, parks and other City of Sydney properties will be made available free of charge to same-sex partners celebrating a wedding.
The following conditions apply:
•    The fee waiver is only available to couples previously unable to marry before the amended Marriage Act came into effect on 9 December 2017. City staff may ask you to verify your eligibility.
•    All other conditions of hire continue to apply. These vary depending on the venue and can include hours of use, noise controls, parking, safety and other regulations.
•    Other fees and charges are payable. These vary for different venues and can include staff, security, cleaning, catering and insurance charges.
•    Existing bookings and closure periods will not be cancelled or moved.
•    The offer excludes Sydney Town Hall and Martin Place Amphitheatre.
A list of venues, parks and sites is available on the City of Sydney website here.City of Sydney – SSM Venues
For more information, contact:
02 9265 9333

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