August 27 to September 2 is National Op Shop Week. This awareness raising event has been running for six years and aims to encourage people to shop at and donate to their local charity, second-hand and recycled goods businesses.
Every year our society recklessly contributes an enormous volume of unwanted clothing and other items to landfill. Much of it is in perfectly fine condition and completely functional. Op Shop Week aims to initiate a change of habit and get people to use their imagination instead of their garbage bins.
Eco chic is in. Style revival is where it’s at.
And so is Designers And Fleas. This new vintage market space is a University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) initiative. It hearkens back to the old world village fair, where makers and artisans and sellers of bric-a-brac occupied the town square. Designers And Fleas will also include emerging designers and will occupy the vacant lot between Harris St and Omnibus Lane, near the UTS buildings. The market will take place on the eve of Op Shop Week and will feature 40 vendors spread through four exhibitions spaces. Entry is free and if you’re lucky, you might even win an iPad mini!
Designers And Fleas, Saturday August 26, 9am – 2.30pm
634 Harris St, Ultimo

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