The launch party to celebrate the Pyrmont Growers Market and officially thank all those involved, was held at Pizzaperta at The Star on Wednesday February 15.
After a week of scorching temperatures, a relieving breeze blew through the open air street level restaurant, as attendees enjoyed pizzas topped with produce provided by market stall holders –  Tawnya Bahr, food consultant for the markets, personally saw to it:
“Every ingredient sourced from a producer was picked or made fresh specifically for the event. I personally drove to the farms and factories to collect it all to insure the ingredients would arrive at Pizzaperta  in perfect condition.”
Stefano Manfredi, owner and Gianluca Donzelli, chief pizzaiolo came out of the kitchen to greet patrons who included representatives from Pyrmont Ultimo Chamber of Commerce (PUCC), The Star, City of Sydney Council, local MPs, media, stall holders, local business owners, residents and of course, those responsible for putting the markets together.
Co-President of PUCC, Rob McCourt, made a speech in which he aligned Sydney with the some of the major cities of the world, citing its embrace of market culture as evidence:
“Every great city has great markets. Whether it be London, Paris, Barcelona or Tokyo, markets are an essential part of a city. They are the soul spirit and spine of a city. The Pyrmont Growers Market, because of its location and quality will very much represent those characteristics of  Sydney.”
In his address, The Star’s Managing Director, Greg Hawkins, reiterated the enthusiastic public response to the markets since rumours first rippled about its return.
“The Market has always been an integral part of the Pyrmont Community, and given the reaction of our neighbours to its re-launch there is no doubt that the Pyrmont Growers Market will be a success.
Once again the market will offer unique gourmet produce and top quality fresh food straight from the field and farm as well as a variety of spaces where neighbours can come together to share a cup of coffee, catch up on the week’s news, enjoy the entertainment and local musicians.”
The evening was a wonderful opportunity for people to meet and share their excitement about the approach of the first market day.

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